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Access number....
I've setup also a voicemail box on ureach last night....

The number is: 1-877-866-7100 ext. 853

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and got your message too, fun! :-)

Re: I just called you!

I've received and heared your message!
One thing though.... In the telephone system there in the US the default is to have the phone number appearing in the receiving telephone if it has a display to show it, right?
Do you have a prefix to disable that, if someone wants to remain anonymous?
Thats the way it work here and anyone who has a ISDN telephone connection and an ISDN telephone with a LCD display ca see the caller's number unless he has used the right prefix for not showing the phone number or it's number is a private one

Re: I just called you!

Which numbers do you dial to get a international call from the US?
For instance, ifyou were to cal number 211234567 of Portugal (code 351) which numbers whoul you have to dial before the +351 21 1234567 to make the call from the US?

Re: I just called you!

We dial 011, then the country code, and so on.

Re: I just called you!

Yes I think I saw your phone number, Antonio. Did you see mine? I have private on my phone so it doesn't come thru in telephone calls, but maybe it doesn't work with ureach.com? I dunno ... it's okay if you saw it, I know you won't give it out, but let m eknow if you did, ok?

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