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Up Against The Buachalawns by the Chieftains....

Up Against The Buachalawns by the Chieftains....

That's what I'm listening right now.

I've been catching up with the latest events here in Frank's Land and now I'm going to start putting a lot of things that are due in order.
All the work at the apartment has been disrupting all my plans but it is really necessary.
We need to have it ready until the end of the year and there is still a LOT of work to be done.
Every time there is something else that is necessary to workout and was unexpected, so it's quite impossible to make predictions for when it will be ready (at least for this 1st phase....) :-(((

Anyway, everything also is going although not as fast as I would like and could wish for....
I guess that one should give small enough goals so that can see them accomplished within a short time frame but I can't ever forget the whole set and what I'm aiming for, even I did wanted to do that.....

Now that I'm "out" from E.V., everything goes in a much higher speed and I do yet need to be able to be capable to be in several different places at the same time!.... :-))))
If anyone has already discovered the secret for that, please let me know it!

See you all latter!

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