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I don't know if it was a treat from Halloween but today I just got a whole bunch of hardware that I'm here testing!.....

It was to go and I just happened to be there at the right time, so I took what was apparently usable.
In the middle of it I got 14 Macs!
5 of them are already tested and 9 are yet to be tested.

I never had a Mac before although I have already worked with some, sometimes.
They are not to fancy, though.... Just 4 Macintosh Classic (4 MB RAM and 40 MB hard disk with System 7.1), 9 Macintosh LCII (8 MB RAM, 80 MB hard disk with System 7.1) and one Macintosh LCIII (8 MB RAM, 80 MB hard disk and System 7.1)....

What strikes me as the best thing is that, although they aren't anything "good" for now days standards, they have the Motorola 68K processor (68000 for the Mac Classic, 68030 for the Mac LCII) which is a processor I do know very well and ALL of them are explendid platforms for the system I'm developing and even the Mac LCII and III can have Linux installed, as far as I know....

So this is really an unexpected but truly enjoyed Halloween treat!

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