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Treat or trick!....

Treat or trick!....

That's the Halloween spirit, isn't it?
Well here, and I can speak for Portugal, we don't have the Halloween tradition but surely there are lot's of situations throughout the whole year in everyone's life that could very well be of this night!

I like to solve questions and I try always to solve them for good, definitively (whenever I'm capable of that).
So it amuses me when I see certain situations and some persons keep doing the same, over and over again and can't even realize that the way they insist in doing just makes everything harder for every one, including them selves!....
No one is an island and even if it were, there is always the commerce between islands....

Damnit! No one is isolated and by trying to compartmentalize the issues, it only increases the total cost (and I'm not referring only to money....)
Don't they get it?
Probably they don't, they just can't....
Probably it's a defect of mine, to see a little ahead of what is already happening and to worry with the way things might take or not.

Sometimes I do ask for myself if anyone would notice if didn't do my part (that is just so unconsidered, as it just doesn't show off and is mostly work that can't be seen at first sight -- specially for those who even don't bother to take a look nor do seem to care about it and say it is nothing) but normally I always come to two conclusions;

In first place, no, most probably they wouldn't even notice.
In second place, is not by anyone outside that really justifies all the effort; it's by my own experience, to be able to develop my skills so that in other times and situations I'll be more able to handle whatever situations life has reserved for me to handle.

Am I abnormal?
I do keep the question asked. I do have the answer, at least as far as I can see and understand and I do think that I'm not the only one, I'm not alone.
But I'm not afraid to outside the pack where all the majorities normally are....

Isn't that just the difference, if any?

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