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A whole new world opens....
It's quite funny how things sometimes turn out....

Yesterday morning I finally managed to successfully use the Pass Proxy ability of Apache.
I know it can do it since 1996 but, so far, all my attempts didn't work, so at some point I just left it for whenever I had the time to spend with it....
But 2 weeks ago I was learning about Apache's configuration and saw in the configuration example a configuration directive I didn't remember to have used in my previous attempts... So yesterday I did the test, with it, and IT WORKED!

But the funniest thing isn't just that.
It's that from E.V. someone asked me to make the necessary changes to pass a client website from the Linux server to the NT server.
Well, there is not a simple way to do it with all that is required and don't have implications on the other sites here and in the servers configurations but using Pass Proxy, there is.
This will be the first "fire test" on this configuration.
In reality, it's a hybrid system with Linux and NT but this way I can have the best of both worlds and have the NT much more secured.

So, I'm happy.
I've been telling for quite a long time that this is the way to go, in this case, but no one ever wanted to know or cared about.... Now, I can do it alone and that's exactly where I'm going to be heading to, right now.

Latter I'll report if everything has just worked as I expect!