António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

It seems that I've discovered the cause of a certain instability on my computer that lasts for quite a while....
The SCSI controller has a range of memory addresses that partially cover part of on of the address ranges of the motherboard.
Somehow they have happilly lived together until the moment I installed the updated device drivers for the ATA/66 disk controller that my motherboard has built-in (a twin HPT366, on a ABIT BE-6 motherboard).
Consequence: as I couldn't resolve the problem by re-installing the device drivers, Windows got more instable and stoped working.
So now I'm whithin Windows 2000, deletting all remains of the previous Windows 98 to re-install it again.
But there are problems that come for good reasons although unknown at the time....
Because of this I'm just going to install a simple Windows 98 and rely all may work on Windows to Windows 2000, which is WIndows NT baesd.
And the access to Windows 98 will be made mostlly from VMWare 2.0 as I've done alrteady with Linux, when it's not for heavy work.
But I'll keep here posted the news, as usual...

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