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I've done it!

I knew for a long time that the Apache Web Server allowed for a type of configuration that permits to put a whole URL from a virtual server or a directory in the base server or from a directory in a virtual server.
Until that virtual server or directory is the Apache that gives the requested files, from that onwards the files a requested to another web server and then given by Apache.

But, on my first attempts to use this feature, it didn't work.
Now I do know what I was missing in the Apache configuration. I configured a directory for this, tested and worked!

So, now I can make some virtual hosts to access the web server of my work computer (from the Internet -- and with password, of course!....) or put a NT server on the private network and still have complete access to the IIS and to ASPs.....

That's the way you do it!... (Dire Straits - Brother in Arms)
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