António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

All I have right now, mainlly in technical resources, has been built by me, almost alone, with some help from some persons in the rear... But if I didn't had fought for it, nothing would exeit today.
I've been arroung this from when no one even had access to the Internet here in Portugal from outside Universities.... So it won't be some persons newlly arrived to this (from 4-5 years) that are going to take easilly what has been built so far (should be already more but it was not possible) without any reaction from my part.
The next few months will probabilly see a sort of a fight for the control of certain areas; there are some I still control that I'm ready to drop, if necessary, but others, I won't.
The pretensions of control might be legitime ones but I don't have to subscribe necessarlly that pretension.
I want that colectivelly we build a structure that will enable all those inside to go and do more than what they can do alone. I think that is rather dangerous to let anyone talke complete control alone; so I'm to fight for mantainning my present situation and to reinforce it if possible.
I'm posting all this here because of one simple fact. It won't be when the time of action comes thay I'll be able to claim that I think the way I really do.
Well, I can clain, alright, but can't sustain that claim.
So, I write it here, before everything happens, altough right now I can't mention names.
Probabilly, I'll never will mention them.
If any of those involved read this, naturelly can understand all that is written here. For others, it doesn't metter all that much; what counts is the theoretical case, any way.

What I like more about the Internet is the possibility of expression it gives.
Here, I can have a voice, even if no one listens.
I can say what I think and what I have to say. It's like writting in a newspaper or in a magazine. Someone might read it or might not; anyway, the issue has been expressed and no one can ever deny it.
Of course I have my own views and ideas and opinnions upon almost everything. Others have different ones. I always respected oppinios and positions as long as mine are also respected. If they are not, I'll just ignore the noise. And this is true even when I don't agree with the oher side. But, in mine almost 35 years of life, I've learn to respect others if I want to be respected. And that's something I don't abdicate from, in any circunstances.

So, I've been thinkning a lot latelly in the best way to start all rolling; I think taht one of the best ways is to build my own site.
And to use there everything I already have and the others that are still in development.
And to make it really a "window" over me.
It's a risk, really, to expose part of ourselves to the world but the rewards can be tremendous. And as I believe it reallay pays to be honest and truthfull with ourselves, in first place, and then with all others, I've come to the conclusion that this might be a positive experience.
Of course I don't know it in advance; in reality, I'll know it as I go along.
But, againd and without thinking that I'm repeating myself again, time will tell.

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