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Atribulated day....

Sometimes seems that all problems come loose at the same time and we just don't know where to turn in first place....

Today, as I came in here I discover that has been another power failure in the area (it should have been about 10-15 minutes before, no more) and so all servers were off and the UPS's batteries were completely drained.
Fortunately power came in about 5 to 10 minutes, so the period out was not as big as on the other times.

I've had to cancel all the plans for today to go and resolve issues outside as I've been at the phone almost ALL day solving technical problems and giving technical support in a number of different cases.

Sometimes I just wonder how can I ever get out of here and be relaxed as when any situation happens I just have to be on the bridge steering the ship....
I do know that there is a lot of space for improvement and that ALL passes through there, but time has always to be divided between events....

Anyway, although busy, it was a good day.
Now I'm about to start putting a number of things I've had pilling up here for quite some time into there places, or better, to find places for them!....

That's some times the hardest part....

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