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Thanks, Betty!

I've just received the CD and started listening to it.
To my surprise I know the 1st music for a long time (I haven't listened to it often, though....) but never knew from whom it was.
So now I do know!

I have to go out, so I can't listen to it all now, but when I'm back I'll listen to it!

Again, thanks!
If you are able to be always on target like you were on this one, oh god, you are a very, very lucky person!

See you!

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You're welcome Antonio!

I thought you'd like his music for some reason. ~Enjoy!

Re: You're welcome Antonio!

Why did you upouse I would like to hear it?

Its somewhat strange, you know?
After start listening to the CD I've immediatelly realised that I KNOW the 2 first tracks (and also the CD theme) already but I can't remember from where.
I do KNOW that I didn't saw this CD never in my life. Nor I had ever heard of Robert Miles before...
And it's funny who you did thought I would like it....

It's not the first time in my life that I do have this sensation of "having been there before" and know that I never had been there actually.
I might have listen to it in the radio, but that is also strange as this type of music is not what normally is played on radio...

I don't like them all in the same way.
The ones I like best are Children, Fable, In My Dreams, Princess Of Light and In The Dawn.

But I still can't remember from where I do know the 2 first tracks.....

Re: You're welcome Antonio!

hmmmmmm.... yes it's deja vu..... heh!

Sometimes I can place where a 'deja vu' has come from ... and then sometimes it's just a particular feeling at a moment in time... and then it's lost.

but to answer your question....

I don't know why I thought you'd enjoy it.

When you were listing the various types of music that you enjoy.... Robert Miles music came to mind.

Anyhoo... as I said... ~enjoy! I'm really glad you like it.

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