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Funny day....

This morning I woke quite soon without expecting that.

Yesterday when I did wen to bed to rest for a while I was in a strange state where I was tired but couldn't rest.
Several times I thought into getting up again and work a little more, but I didn't and sleep eventually won some time after.
But in the morning, when I woke up, I had some solutions for the threading system of my Mex4th FORTH system.
I think I've found a good solution, with some compromises, but that makes possible to achieve the proposed goals without being too "expensive" in terms of space, efficiency, etc.

I wished I had someone available to explain it to as is when I explain an idea or a system to someone that I can have the best perception of it. But I didn't, so I've just worked a little on it, anyway.

In the afternoon I went out with my family and it was good also, although I was quite "anxious" to come to here again, so I can finish the draft I've been making of the idea.
Anyway, I'll have to finish first some work I've been asked to do and that arrived in the email....
(It could have been completed in the morning if it were sent sooner, anyway.....)

Well, at this time (1h11m) the dog and the cats are in their "physical exercise" hour..... They are chasing each other throughout the corridor!
Its funny, anyway!
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