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Tired and with a headache....
I'm tired and I've had a headache all day through.....

I think that this is due to the cold I've got. I just hope that it will get better, not worst, with all the things I do have to do here!
Well, tomorrow, I'll see how's everything going....

Tonight I received a phone call and a proposition. I wasn't expecting it so soon but I'm glad it was made.
I do have a number of things to consider and the fact that it was made now can explain a number of things.
Anyway, nothing like to sleep over some subject to be able to see it in the best light.
I do agree that NT and ASPs are the way for EV to go; there are risks involved but in the overall, any other solution for RAD is to much expensive.....
Let's see what comes from there.

Now, I'm off to sleep a little and I just hope that tomorrow I can feel a little better than what I felt today!

See you all tomorrow!

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I hope you feel better soon Antonio.......

Alot of people have had really bad colds at work. It seems to take forever for them to feel better.

Get lots of rest, and drink plenty of fluids as the saying goes....

Take care :)

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