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Yay for!

I didn't knew this site until I saw the link on Melanie's site (

So, I've just spoke with here on the phone.
Nothing special, more to say just hello!

But it is funny, though, how these things are possible and the changes that this all make in the lives of the people who use it....
You see, we are thousands of kilometers apart; she is in New York, I'm in Lisbon. Se is in the United States and I'm in Portugal, in Europe.
Yet, it didn't seemed so far away....

I'm going to rest now for a while.
I'm really tired; this cold has really got me totally tired and exhausted.
To a point that today, after recovering what I had re-done because of what I had lost on the power failure, I just erase it by accident by copying the file on the server over the one I had been working on and not the other way around!....

Nothing that a little rest won't help, I think....

So, see you all tomorrow!

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