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Power failure, again....

There was another power failure, here, and I had to bring all servers down.

Unfortunately, these power failures are becoming quite frequent.... :-(((
I've been already seeing how much it would cost me to get a bigger set of batteries for the UPS I have here (about 100 Ah of capacity is my plan, instead of the 7,5 to 10 Ah I have right now -- but it must be 6 batteries for the 72 volts the UPS uses....) and get a diesel generator so it could be started automatically and run providing the necessary power in case of an outside power failure.

But the cost is between $2500 and $3000 which, by no way, I can afford right now....

Let's see what comes from the event's that are running along thins month....

Now I'm to write a report about the failure to send to all the persons who might be concerned...

See you all later!

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